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How do we do SEO?


1. Understanding client needs and industry

Creating a successful SEO campaign requires a tailored approach. We will take the time to understand the unique challenges your business is facing, and how these challenges can be overcome with SEO and outreach.

2. Extensive Keyword and competitive research

Here, we will explore the competitive landscape in your industry; there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We will use our tools to find out what your competitors are doing, what is working for them and what isn’t. Part of our competitor research will aim to understand unique keywords in your industry. We will compile a list of high value keywords that customers are using to find business like yours online. These keywords will permeate the website to create a mirror for the customer, people want to deal with business that speak their language.

3. Establishing KPIs and data tracking instruments

We acknowledge that as a client you need to see tangible, results oriented progress. To track performance, we will show you how to understand & see improvement through Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools & SEMRush ranking reports. Online marketing is meant to be measured for performance. Some valuable performance metrics include:

  • Search engine rankings
  • Search engine traffic
  • Keyword breadth
  • Domain authority growth
  • Top traffic-driving keywords
  • Top traffic-receiving pages
  • Page depth & engagement goals

4. On-Page changes

Google rewards businesses that create an engaging user experience. Just like you would organize a real store to create a great visitor experience, your online “store” (website) is no different. We will perform a deep analysis of your links to make sure none of them are leading to dead ends and confusing redirections. We will scrutinize your site architecture to make sure all your pages are easily accessible to users. In this step, we will examine over 200 items that google considers when determining the value of your site.

5. Off-Page outreach and link building

We will identify and reach out to relevant authority websites (high profile industry sites). We will examine ideal link placement targets, prioritize them and use our outreach process to gain guest posting opportunities. Benson Media will produce approved content for the authority website that includes a relevant, well placed link back to your website pages.

6. Content Creation

We create all our content in-house, which means no outsourcing to non-English speaking countries. Our content specialists will research your industry and write current, relevant content that will be engaging to both the visitors and search engines. Our unique approach of “rich content” means that we populate your site with posts that incorporate multiple media (text, images, videos) to keep your visitors on your site longer and engaging with your brand and product.

7. Reporting and ongoing feedback

“If we did work and nobody knows about it, did we still do work?”. We believe that it’s not enough to produce great results, we want you to be involved in every step of the way. We are as passionate about the success of your business as you are. Our reporting process means that you get regular updates on our work and the results we are producing. We then use your feedback to improve on our process and make sure we continue to produce great results.

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